2nd Slavic Comandante Championship Kyiv

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Slavic Comandante Championship is the official international championship of friends. Who said that friends can't compete in their skills of making the most delicious coffee?

Like the grind itself, people can be so diiferent, but good coffee is joint for everyone. So greet 2nd Slavic Comandante Championship Kyiv - that's exactly how it will be written on a gold trophy coffee grinder!

Where: Kyiv, CEC PARKOVYY, Black Fest


What is Comandante?

Comandante - is a grinder, gorgeous in its design and functionality. And because of its special burr alloy it will be your best friend forever!

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  1. Competitors will receive all necessary equipment. No need to take any stuff from home (and it`s prohibited).
  2. Fate will decide your turn (and the lot).
  3. You`ll have 10 min for it (didn't make it on time - it's OK, better luck next time in next championship).
  4. At first, all preparing V60, then Aeropress and in final, brewing world famous Clever Dripper
  5. Ready to drink coffee should be presented to judges in a cup (also, no need to bring the cup from home) they`ll blindly choose the best coffee.
  6. The volume of the finished drink, for serving the judges, must be at least 150 ml


Anyone capable of being responsible for their actions, hold the kettle, grind and brew coffee (and high enough to reach the table) can register for the championship.

Maximum number of participants - 27 people.

The registration cost is - 500 UAH.

Every participant will get the cool T-shirt* and nice gifts from Bean and Liquor

The winner will receive the famous gold Comandante grinder.

The entrance to Black Fest is free, you should only:
Fill out the form

Registration completed

*all T-shirts are oversized, so you`ll receive the one that is closest to chosen size


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  • Логотип Clever Dripper
  • Логотип SCA Ukraine
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